Health Care Horror

>> Friday, March 6, 2009

I read this Walter Williams article and thought it would be good to share here. Among all the dubious, if not downright stupid, proposals oozing up from the new administration like puss out of an infected wound (health care tie-in), you just know that Barry's health care ideas will be as painful as any malady for which one would seek medical attention (health care tie-in). I always hear lefties make claims about death rates and such being better in those countries that have the type of socialized health care championed by most of the doufas Dems. Williams paints a different picture that matches the stories of those who deal with such systems.

For me, the worst part about the lefty health care ideas, aside from the fact that it'll be tougher to get medical attention, is that our tax dollars will pay for costs run up by people who won't even take care of themselves. Just like bailing out idiots who bought houses they couldn't afford, or idiots who couldn't manage their businesses, we'll be forced to pay for those who make no effort to avoid hazardous living. Who wants to pay doctor bills for the jackass who drinks too much, or blows too much coke? Who wants to pay for that idiot who picks up HIV while trying to get laid with another partner than last week?

Of course there's just so much that is wrong with universal health care, and Williams covers other points, that I can't understand how anyone would ever back such a suicidal idea. But then I remember we're talking about a lefty proposal. We have problems with health care costs for sure. It's less the system than it is all the governmental inteference that damaged the system so badly. But hey, there's nothing that's broken so badly that Barry won't be able to worsen.


Mark March 6, 2009 at 1:01 AM  

Hey, at least health care will be free. That's all the Obamaniacs care about. Never mind the dubious consequences.

Eric March 7, 2009 at 9:02 AM  

Ahhh, but see, it WON'T be free. They will take home less money in their paychecks, especially the poor.

America can't even pay for what Barack has already slapped on our plates. It has been analogized that if we took, every payday, ever penny made by those who earn at least seventy-five thousand dollars a year, we couldn't pay for everything Barack has slapped on our plate... so much for his "not one dime" promise to those making less than 250k.

On top of this is the new energy taxes he's proposing. The figures I read state that energy prices under his plan would increase by upwards of 50%. Gas prices, electricity, heating oil... who would this affect the most? Not the rich... not those making, say, more than 75k a year (assuming they're not in debt like the rest of us). It's the poor that will suffer; in summer, in winter, in JOBS when businesses have to choose between staying in business or some poor schlub's job.

Obama the merciful, Obama the compassionate, Obama the savior of America; keeper of the flame, and bringer of hope and change...


And who will be hurt by it? Every last ignorant, sycophantic, poor Obama worshiper, black and white living on welfare (which he wants to reinstate to preClinton levels and terms... more money out of the pockets of ALL Americans), those who don't worship him, those barely treading water, and those who are merely tightening their belts.

But Obama doesn't care. He's set for life and the miseries he's proposing will never touch him. He will live above the huddled, freezing, hungry, out-of-work masses. HE won't have to pay for any of this... all those huddled masses for the next couple of generations will. Praise God Obama will only be a one-term president.

Ignorance has never proven to be so heartless... so dangerous. If he keeps this up he WILL an uprising. His numbers WILL plummet. He WILL here for calls of impeachment.

He will see an uprising, the groundswells of which have clearly already begun.

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