Enemy of Life

>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everywhere you look you find that Barry has no great love for life. Life is a mere commodity, I guess. It's value is subjective. We know he favors abortion for anyone, for any reason, at any time, everywhere. We know he considers one to be a person well after one has emerged from the birth canal depending on the whim of the mother. We know that one can be used for scientific experimentation without one's consent, as he has just overturned the ban on using federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. Good thing those little suckers can't speak for themselves!

Now, as described in this article, we find that the right to life is further eroded and based on cost. No wonder he wants to ram these bills through so quickly!

I'm still waiting for something that supports the bleating of the left that says Barry Obama is brilliant. So far, he's a punk. As much as I hate everything he's done so far, I'm not prepared to say that I hate him personally. But he is a punk. And a cheap punk at that. I've no respect for the guy whatsoever. And I don't have a whole lot for those who voted for him, either. In fact, the mere mention of his name, the sound of his voice, the sight of his face, fills me with contempt for everyone I know who voted for him. Only a punk could provoke such feelings.

Eric thinks he's a one term president. I'd like to think so, too. But then I think of all those suckers who voted for him and I wonder if there's enough of them to prevent the election of a better man. Right now, I don't even care which party provides the better man, though it ain't likely he'll come from the Dems.

Maybe it's the result of the decreasing numbers of people who believe in God. A recent study, supposedly polling around 50,000 people, says there is such a drop. The people doing the study are questionable, but I'm grasping for understanding. Fewer God-fearing voters could account for such a punk being seriously considered. I mean, between those who don't believe, those who think their beliefs should be shelved where public policy is concerned, and those who believe in something that only slightly resembles the God of Abraham and you end up with a large crowd of those without the sense to know evil when it gets behind a podium. Am I saying Barry's evil? No, I'm saying he's a punk. Evil uses punks to do it's work. Cheap punks don't know the difference.

And I'm also saying that to this cheap punk, life is cheap. Thanks a lot, suckers.


Eric March 10, 2009 at 7:13 AM  

1. "one-term president" -- have you seen his poll numbers? Approval rating is falling. He is now, officially, the worst president on the economy in history, the worst president at this stage in his administration, and the fun has just begun. His disapproval rating is rising... And you can bet that number is coming from the moderates who voted for him... the republicans and Reagan democrats,

2. The next republican nominee will use as his/her campaign song, "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who.

3. Republican leadership needs to reform our election process so Democrats can't choose our nominee, which is how we ended up with McCain.

4. Republicans need to stand up and refuse to allow the Media to choose the president... FORCE them to vet EVERY candidate, AND NOTHING MORE!

5. "Cheap Punk" --He gave prime minister Gordon Brown, as a presidential gift, 25 region-one DVD's.... unplayable in England. On top of this he insults the British by returning the bust of Winston Churchill given to Bush in memory of and encouragement for the events of 9.11.

The man is an ideological idiot, a political buffoon... a cheap punk... and he won't survive his first term, politically. He will personally responsible for killing the United State's economy and the economy of the world. He is repeating every mistake FDR made, and if the democrats aren't reined in you can kiss this country and your asses goodbye.

He will destroy the first two amendments. And you... WE... will likely never get them back.

So yes, the murderer-in-chief WILL be a one-term president.

Thank God.

Jim March 10, 2009 at 10:54 PM  

Are you on dope or what?

have you seen his poll numbers? Approval rating is falling. um, yeah, from 69% approval to 68% approval. And umm the only people moving from approval are a few republicans. Independents and Democrats support him as strong as ever. Show me your numbers.

3. Republican leadership needs to reform our election process so Democrats can't choose our nominee, which is how we ended up with McCain.

Are you on dope? It's Limpball who was telling you all to vote for Hilary in the primaries. Never heard of any such call by Dems. Can you cite any hard evidence of such? Besides, McCain was probably the most electable of your bunch so why would the Dems want him?

FORCE them to vet EVERY candidate

Are you on dope? Force them? I thought you were apoplectic over the Fairness Doctrine or ANYTHING that would restrict free speech. How exactly are you going to force the media to do anything?

He will destroy the first two amendments.

Are you on dope? Looks like you want to destroy number 1 yourself. See above. Besides, the president doesn't have anything to do with the amendments. He can't vote for them or pass them. The only thing he can do is wait for Kennedy to retire to even think about getting a liberal majority on the Court and he'll never get an ultra-liberal past the Senate. And no liberal of any kind would do anything to endanger the first amendment anyway. And THIS court just affirmed the 2nd amendment's guarantee of individuals to bear arms and precedent will keep that judgment in place longer than you'll be alive.

He is repeating every mistake FDR made

Are you on dope? This is the FDR that brought the country out of the Great Depression? Please cite these "mistakes". Be specific. This is the FDR that was elected 4 times?

Are you on dope?

Al-Ozarka March 11, 2009 at 10:01 AM  

He's the same FDR who imprisoned tens of thousands of Japanese-American CITIZENS for political purposes.

He's the same FDR who started this nation on the slippery-slope we are now streaking down...past the point of no return.

He's the same FDR who sent hundreds of thousands of American Citizens their deaths on foreign shores.

He's the same FDR who developed nuclear weapon technology.

He's the same FDR who deceived the public about his own health among other things.

He is responsible for the deaths of more people than George Bush.

He is responsible for the entitlement attitude that is now crushing this nation underfoot!

He's your hero.

He said, "The only thing to fear is fear itself!"

Obama says, "FEAR THIS, BEEATCH!"

He's your hero.

And I'm your huckleberry!

Eric March 11, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

I misspoke, his "Strongly Disapprove" number is climbing... pretty much the other side of the same coin.

Democrats choosing Republican nominees? Here. There were a number of Democrats in New England and a few southern states that chose to vote in the Republican primary.... giving John McCain lead enough to win the nomination.

Limbaugh viewed Hillary as worse than Obama, and saw Obama as unwinnable. He obviously erred. But the Democrats, or should I say, "the media"? got the man they wanted. The media failed in its primary duty... report the news, vet the candidates, display the vaunted integrity and impartiality they claim to possess.

Obama is a back-door man. He says he's not for the fairness doctrine but his nominee for the FCC is in favor of policies that don't require reinstatement of the fairness doctrine; policies that will just as effectively kill Conservative talk radio-- killing jobs and wrecking businesses in a time economic turmoil. The hypocrisy in this is that Liberals already control ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NYT, Washington Post, PBS, and on and on ad nauseum. Liberals aren't interested in free speech for everyone... only for themselves. Because they can't succeed in talk radio, no one else is allowed to either. But this nation isn't about making everyone equally successful, just equally opportune. Liberals simply can't compete in the arena of ideas on a medium most liberals don't even listen to! And so, because they can't succeed, no one else is allowed to.

Same thing with the second amendment. The attacks aren't going to come head-on, they will come... and are already in talks... in the form of oppressive regulations.

By all accounts FDR needlessly burdened the economy with policy demands that LENGTHENED the depression. And FDR did not bring us out of the depression, World War 2 did. And THAT, only because FDR took us to war-- not that he had much choice after Pearl Harbor. The depression (which was really just a recession in the beginning) was climbing into recovery somewhere around 32-33 when the new programs FDR imposed began taking hold of the economy and caused a second more devastating collapse (in terms of length and suffering).

FDR has done more damage to this nation than any one president since. Obama is on course to match him. And let's not forget, FDR was near universally loved by Americans despite the damage he did to their lives... and ours.

Mark March 11, 2009 at 12:34 PM  

"Obama is on course to match him"

Correction. Obama is on course to surpass him.

Jim March 11, 2009 at 10:55 PM  

The depression (which was really just a recession in the beginning) was climbing into recovery somewhere around 32-33 when the new programs FDR imposed began taking hold of the economy and caused a second more devastating collapse

Yep, you're on dope. Show me any graph or data showing any measure indicating some kind of recovery "somewhere around 32-33." 25% unemployment is "really just a recession"?

Here's mine.

Unemployment peaks in 1932-33. GDP bottoms out 1932-33. Price index bottoms out 1932-33. This indicates a recovery?

You're on dope.

Eric March 12, 2009 at 7:34 AM  

Fox News: "Historians Pretty Much Agree" That FDR Prolonged the Great Depression

How FDR's New Deal made the Depression worse

"WE won't see another Depression unless politicians make the same mistakes as they did then, first the Republicans' Smoot-Hawley tariff (which raised tariffs to record levels) and then Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal.

Research from (the University of California at Los Angeles) shows that it should have been over in 1936, but dragged on for seven years because of intervention in the labour market: "In an article in the August issue of the Journal of Political Economy, (Lee) Ohanian and (Harold) Cole blame specific anti-competition and pro-labor measures that Roosevelt promoted and signed into law on June 16, 1933. 'President Roosevelt believed that excessive competition was responsible for the Depression by reducing prices and wages, and by extension reducing employment and demand for goods and services,' said Cole, also a UCLA professor of economics. 'So he came up with a recovery package that would be unimaginable today, allowing businesses in every industry to collude without the threat of antitrust prosecution and workers to demand salaries about 25 per cent above where they ought to have been, given market forces. The economy was poised for a beautiful recovery, but that recovery was stalled by these misguided policies. High wages and high prices in an economic slump run contrary to everything we know about market forces in economic downturns, Ohanian said. By artificially inflating both, the New Deal policies short-circuited the market's self-correcting forces.' By 1939 the US unemployment rate was 17.2 per cent, down somewhat from its 1933 peak of 24.9 per cent but still remarkably high." "

How FDR Made the Depression Worse

"Yet after all this, the grand promise of an end to the suffering was never fulfilled. As the state sector drained the private sector, controlling it in alarming detail, the economy continued to wallow in depression. The combined impact of Herbert Hoover’s and Roosevelt’s interventions meant that the market was never allowed to correct itself. Far from having gotten us out of the Depression, FDR prolonged and deepened it, and brought unnecessary suffering to millions.

Even more tragic is the lasting legacy of Roosevelt. The commitment of both masses and elites to individualism, free markets, and limited government suffered a blow in the 1930s from which it has yet to recover fully. The theory of the mixed economy is still the dominant ideology backing government policy. In place of old beliefs about liberty, we have greater toleration of, and even positive demand for, collectivist schemes that promise social security, protection from the rigors of market competition, and something for nothing."

Here's a collection of links... a lot of good reading.
Socialist Lust For Power

Some repeat info, but some new stuff too:

How FDR Made the U.S. Depression Worse

Yes, FDR Made Depression Worse and Longer


"The Great Depression was not made "Great" by government inaction. Indeed, FDR's New Deal may have been wonderful in some mytho-poetic sense, and maybe some of its reforms can be defended in some broader context, but as an effort to end the Great Depression, the New Deal was a failure. As my colleague Mark Steyn writes, "Lots of other places - from Britain to Australia - took a hit in 1929 but, alas, they lacked an FDR to keep it going till the end of the Thirties. That's why in other countries they refer to it as "the Depression," but only in the U.S. is it 'Great.'" "

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