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>> Saturday, February 25, 2017

I hadn't thought much about this blog ~ being almost blind, along with the tremendous challenges and frustrations it brings, this exercise in political protest was the last thing on my mind. But with the advent of President Donald Trump, came the memory that I once, with other like-minded patriots, fought, albeit futilely, the scourge of American Liberalism's premier socialist masquerading as a president. But our long national nightmare is over. Or is it?

When I wrote here religiously, I rarely let politics and morality ride in separate cars. These were not things I felt should be separated, politics and morality ought to be open lovers ~ no need to hide such a love affair; don't pull the shades! The question I was often asking readers to consider was why should any moral society throw water on the two like a pair of humping dogs? They're only doing what comes natural. But most often my detractors felt it was their right and responsibility to set the ground rules for any debate, for what was and what wasn't moral ~ the truth I sought to make people see was considered presumptuous, or out of place, or unduly preachy for a political 'discussion,' while the morality they proposed was sacrosanct. They wore their hypocrisy proudly.

President Obama's second win was demoralizing ~ a disheartening defeat ~ and I gave up. Fast forward four years... the long national nightmare ends with a stunning victory for the forces of Light. Honestly, I wasn't stunned, I figured he was going to win, but that didn't keep me from staying up until Hillary conceded.

I just couldn't see her winning. How so? Firstly, the media was so obviously blind to the crowds Trump drew, discounting their size as mere spectacle for the curious, the gawkers, and political-porn aficionados. They were blind to the harm eight years under the feckless rule of Obama wrought, whose only lasting  accomplishment was an improved golf handicap ~ though to be fair, there will be lasting repercussions to his two terms, even with the repeal and reversal of his legacy. And that's assuming Republicans will allow Trump to do what he's promised us on the campaign trail.

The media tried everything it could to drag the bleeding carcass that was Hillary's candidacy over the finish line. But when the smoke cleared, and the mirrors shattered, she was still the same bleeding carcass. After all, no matter how far a jackass travels, it will never come back a horse.

Hillary had no message beside 'I'm not Trump.' That was supposed to be enough, but the weight of scandal: Benghazi, private servers, and a disdain for more than half the electorate, with her basket of deplorables statement ~ all these and more were a weight around her neck. The democrat party, as well as the prospect of a continuance of damaging policies in the vein of Obama's failed administration, doomed her to failure every bit as much as Belshazzaers' epic party fail.

And her past... let's not forget all the scandals of her past. To say she was a flawed candidate is the greatest understatement in a hundred years or more. With all that, the media still tried to prop her up and carry her the distance. No one on the Left could see the truth. Any more than they can see the truth now. And the truth, quite simply, is the Left has lost touch... with the people, with the truth, with just about everything... if the Left were truly blind, they would be without sin, but the Left says 'We see!' Therefore they remain blind. Blind, yes, but still able to do terrific damage.

Theirs is a blindness of the soul, both individually and corporately. Jesus once asked, (paraphrasing) 'If the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness?' The darkness on the Left is such that what appears a blazing beacon of hope to their counterparts, is to them the light of a guttering candle at midnight. And if that is what passes for light among liberals/progressives and the democrat party, God help them. Bruce Lee once said, (again, paraphrasing) 'a man who has never known light, never known of its existence, will not seek it out.'  It will take earth-shattering events to break through the black caul of darkness that blinds these people. But when people call good evil, and evil good, can anything break through?

Now we have Donald Trump as our President. Gone is the most biblically hostile leader in American history. Now we have Donald Trump, whose wife begins a rally with, of all things, the Lord's Prayer. Donald Trump, who, whether he's a man of God or not, makes mention of God in his speeches; regarding Him as Sovereign in regard to his policies, making mention of Him in more than platitudinous snippets of speech penned by speech writers (as have so many before him). And this frightens the Left. This is the real reason for their hatred of Trump, not because he is a man of God (only God knows), but because he's challenging the darkness that is their world-view. They want a society devoid of Godly morality, preferring instead a society in which 'every man did that which was right in their own eyes.'

In Donald Trump we have a chance to save America, but it's by no means assured. The disease has metastasized throughout every system and segment of American life and culture ~ even in the Church and across every denomination. If we want America to return to the Light, we're going to have to fight harder than ever before. The evils are piled high against us. We are vastly outnumbered. Victory is not assured. America is not assured. But God has given us an opportunity to stand, win or lose. And that, my friends is all He asks... Stand.

"Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky."
                       written by Kerry Livgren


The End of an Error. A New Beginning.

>> Friday, February 3, 2017

I have nothing profound to offer here, but it dawned on me that a site so keenly dedicated to the Descent of America under an Obama administration would offer some note of celebration or relief at having finally come to be out from under his reign.  Consider this that.

It may also be worth mentioning that the end of Obama's term doesn't necessarily mean the descent has stopped.  Trump's ascendancy seems in some ways to signal a turning around of the great ship of state, but at this very early juncture, that cannot be considered in any way a matter of fact.  He is the Donald, after all. 

And there's that little matter of an incredibly divided populace, with one side in the throws of a very petulant tantrum that Donald is not Hillary.  That wasn't supposed to happen.  It's still shocking, in fact, even for those of us who were willing to cast our votes for Trump in order to deny Clinton her victory.  As such, Trump could pull off that hair, peel away his face to expose Jesus Christ Himself behind that weird facade and still the looney left would continue to lament her loss, criticize every action and basically, be themselves.  I am left to wonder how much different the response would be if Ted Cruz had gotten to this point. 

So far, with only about two weeks in, Trump seems to be moving in the right direction, albeit with his typical goofiness and self-promotion.  But the actual moves are almost all correct, even if not perfectly implemented.  I can't help but feel, though, that I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I'm not keen on his "trade agreement" position, for example, and I believe that thus far he seems to be considerably off base on that issue.  However, that's just one against all the pretty decent stuff that's been done thus far.

The point here is that what he has been doing must pay dividends of some noticeable degree, such to the extent that his opponents must recognize and acknowledge them, in order to hope that the American Descent is not simply slowed, but actually reversed to the extent that we will indeed have made American great again.

But even that does not mean that the culture is saved.  If the character of the American people is not elevated, nothing else will really matter.  THAT descent is more troubling than our economy, or border security or anything else about our "greatness".

But at least the incessant whining will have abated.  That's a start.


Barry Obama : The Young Turk

Young Turk:
Date: 1908
Function: noun
Etymology: Young Turks, a 20th century revolutionary party in Turkey
:an insurgent or a member of an insurgent group especially in a political party : radical; broadly
:one advocating changes within a usually established group.

Photos: 1980 Taken by, Lisa Jack / M+B Gallery


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