What I Don't Understand

>> Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I don't understand is why so many otherwise intelligent American citizens don't get a simple concept: 

People who earn over $250,000 a year are the business owners; the ones that create the jobs. If taxes are raised on these business owners/job creators, they will not continue to offer their goods and services at the same prices. They will not accept losses in their bottom line, no matter how patriotic they are! And, that bottom line is profit

There are only two ways a business can recoup the loss of profit due to higher taxes

1. They will raise the prices on their goods and services. They will have to to keep their profit margin at the same levels as before the higher taxes were levied upon them. 

Do you think they will give themselves a cut in pay? Dream on, little Liberal. 

And, when they raise the prices on their goods and services, the consumer will not buy those goods or services as readily as they would have if the prices were still low, thus, making it necessary for the business owner to raise the prices yet again to compensate for the loss of sales. This cycle  will continue on and on and on until the business goes bankrupt and/or out of business, or, 

2. The business owner will begin to lay off employees because he can no longer afford to pay them. If that happens, there are less people employed and, consequently,  less people who can afford the higher prices started because the business owner had to pay ever increasing higher taxes. This will undoubtedly happen to enough business owners that it will have a lasting impact on each and everyone of us, the taxpaying public.

In the end, due to ever increasing taxes, higher and higher prices on goods and services, and more people on the unemployment rolls, the Government is all that is left to provide for the people. 

Now, here's a question for all you big Government loving Liberals:

How does the Government provide for the ever increasing number of newly unemployed and newly impoverished citizens? Where do they get the funds? 

Naturally, by increasing taxes on the rich again, which merely exacerbates the problem the Government was trying to solve in the first place.

Then, what do we have? Government trying to stretch all the revenue generated by less and less taxes collected from the few businesses fortunate enough to still be in business despite such a heavy burden of taxes and redistributed to take care of the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, that the Government itself put out of work. 

It will mean breadlines every bit as long as those that afflicted the Soviet Union in the mid 20th century.

Do you understand, Liberals? If you do, will you be so anxious to vote for a tax and spend Liberal again?

Sadly, I still don't think you get it yet. 

That's what I don't understand.


BenT - the Unbeliever,  November 7, 2012 at 4:53 PM  

So why wasn't this happening before the Bush Tax cuts went into effect...or before that before the Clinton Tax cuts went into effect...or before that before the Reagan tax cuts went into effect.

Business owners will bitch and moan always about how tax increases will doom the economy. but they are only fooling themselves and you. Entrepreneurs have succeeded all throughout American history when tax rates were higher than they are now.

At one point the income tax on money over $1-million was up to 90% and yet still Americans invested, created, and grew, jobs and the economy.

History proves you wrong.

After the far-right pundits were so wrong about the presidential race why would you believe any of the other prediction they peddle?

ELAshley November 7, 2012 at 7:03 PM  

"why would you believe any of the other prediction they peddle?"

For the same reason the left believed their pundits after they were colossally wrong about the 2010 midterms. They wanted to believe, every bit as much as we want to believe.

Jim November 10, 2012 at 11:50 AM  

For the same reason the left believed their pundits after they were colossally wrong about the 2010 midterms.

But they didn't. Everyone knew the "shellacking" was coming.

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