Is This Really What the Left Elected as President?

>> Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dictator Obama Issues New Threat To Supreme Court

In his latest display of his full USA federal government dictatorship over both the American people and the former co-branches of government, Dictator Obama is warning the Supreme Court to either rule in his favor or face severe consequences.

Fox News’ Martha McCallum advised Thursday that the Obama Administration has been quietly sending missives to the Supreme Court threatening that if it doesn’t rule in his favor on ObamaCare, Medicare will face disruption and “chaos.” Therefore, if SCOTUS rules in favor of the US Constitution, Obama & Co will begin its campaign to either destroy Medicare or make those on it suffer greatly. The Obama syndicate is said to be threatening to hold off Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals if SCOTUS does not comply with Obama’s demands and submit to him.

As an additional example of Obama’s illegal and (I believe) highly treasonous behaviors, on 1 May and 2 May Obama issued two additional unconstitutional and illegal Executive Orders. The first E.O., issued 1 May 2012, makes the USA subject to “international regulations” as opposed to looking to and following the US Constitution. Also, with this new E.O., the US FDA will now be able to be bypassed by International committees—thus, replacing the FDA with any international group which may be chosen. In essence, Obama is quickly eliminating US Sovereignty and selling the USA to the international “community.”

Who does this man think he is? King? Supreme Leader? Potentate? God? By what authority does he give away U.S. sovereignty? It has long appeared that Obama doesn't care one whit about the nation he was elected to lead (a duty at which he has utterly failed), and it's equally clear that he doesn't give a damn about the oath he took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

What I can't fathom... seriously... is why the Left continues to claim they love this country! How can they love this country if they support a man who is actively destroying it? Short answer? They can't. Obama is the greatest threat to this nation since Al Qaeda on 9.11 (and no, I will not retract that last statement) and the Left is circling the wagons around this Putin wannabe.

Folks, an imprecatory prayer or two for the defeat and removal of Obama come November is certainly in order. It may already be too late for this nation, but it can't hurt to pray that God will spare America the evil that is coming if Obama is reelected. You think he is bad now? Think America is suffering Now? This is day in the park compared to what he'll do if reelected.


An Inconvenient Truth...

>> Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One that even liars like Jim can't deny... though he'll certainly try.

"After five years with Democrats in control of two-thirds or more of the government, only somebody genuinely ignorant, or a liar, would think Republicans or conservatives have any responsibility for the current state of affairs. The Republicans haven't had the power to implement their own ideas." 

-Rush Limbaugh, May 2, 2012


Barry Obama : The Young Turk

Young Turk:
Date: 1908
Function: noun
Etymology: Young Turks, a 20th century revolutionary party in Turkey
:an insurgent or a member of an insurgent group especially in a political party : radical; broadly
:one advocating changes within a usually established group.

Photos: 1980 Taken by, Lisa Jack / M+B Gallery


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