As Did Nero, So Too Obama?

>> Thursday, July 14, 2011

Imagine this. According to the White House and leftist pundits everywhere this nation runs out of money on August 2nd. Obama just the other day told CBS' Scott Pelley that he couldn't guarantee that social security checks would go out, or that the military would get paid (a bold-faced lie if ever there was one, from the captain of fear-mongery himself). Now imagine the day after, August 3rd. While all the 'defaulting and mayhem' are supposedly going on what will Obama be doing? Celebrating his 50 birthday.

No big deal right?

Except... he'll be doing it in grand style. $35,000 will get you a private dinner with the Obama's in Chicago during a lavish birthday party cum fundraiser. While the nation is crumbling under the weight of its defaulted debt(according to the White House), Obama will be partying it up, asking folks to pony up 35 G's to eat cake with the president; 35,000 smackaroonies to help him finish the job he started in January of 2009... ruining the economy, and generally destroying what remains of this once great nation. Washington, according to Obama and democrats, will be in chaos! But Obama will be partying it up. "Happy Birthday to ME!"

No one, I'm sure, begrudges Obama a birthday celebration; I certainly don't. But Obama has spent the last few months demonizing the right and predicting all manner of dire consequences if the debt ceiling isn't raised. So Obama has manufactured his farce of a Liberal Noh play. The damage done to himself on August 3rd will be his doing; the crisis is of his making.

What should Obama do? First, unless he intends to come clean on the genuine consequences of not raising the debt ceiling, he should cancel those lavish plans for his birthday bash/fundraiser, and retreat to a more modest private celebration with family and a few friends-- do it the White House, I don't care. Reaching 50 is a milestone in any man's life, so celebrate, Mr. President. But as long as you continue to lie about no checks going out to seniors and the like, stay out of Chicago.

The country will be crashing down around our ears, but Obama will be raking 35 grand a pop in celebration of his birthday.

Rome is burning, Mr. President. Now is not the time to play fiddle. Instead, sackcloth and ashes are in order.

Attend that big party, Mr. President, and demonstrate, yet again, just how out of touch you are with the rest of America; how tone deaf you are to needs of EVERY American.

"What? You say the people are suffering? They have no bread to eat? Well, let them eat cake! It's my birthday, after all, so I decree everyone shall eat cake in celebration of my 50th birthday...... at the cost of 35,000 dollars a head, that is!"

--President Barack Hussein Obama, August 3rd, 2011


BenT - the unbeliever,  July 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM  

I'm sure the Obama political campaign (separate from the administration) set up (and paid for) the August 3rd fundraiser months ago.

You know when no one thought there would be a problem over the debt ceiling, after all republicans voted to raise the ceiling EIGHT TIMES during the previous administration. And the spending the debt ceiling would be for had already been approved by Congress.

And then the crazy wing of the Republican party started a compromise would have to be negotiated. Remember the negotiations chaired by VP Biden? And when it came out the administration was offering republican 85% spending cuts in exchange for 15% tax reforms, everyone was amazed. Republicans would be fools to pass up such a good deal, especially when it exactly matched what they said they would need in a March, 2011 report from the Heritage Foundation.

But nooooo...ultra conservatives demanded that 100% of the deal be tax cuts (a new definition of the word compromise).

So the president stepped in and offered to increase the deal, cuts to entitlements like medicare and social security that his base would hate, in exchange for conservatives reforming the tax code to close subsidies for oil companies and corporate jet owners. Can you guess the Tea party reaction?

So here's where we are. Days away from an economic catastrophe, caused by extreme conservatives. Congress and specifically the Republican House are refusing to pass an increase to the debt ceiling. They are effectively holding the entire government hostage, saying give us everything we want or we'll crash the global economy.

It ain't Obama saying, "Let them eat cake."

William Slater May 13, 2012 at 2:20 PM  

Insane! If President Obama doesn't get the Economy fixed soon enough, he will be known as "America's First Nero President."

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