The Liberal Mob: Unmasked & Quantified - Part I

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ann Coulter calls it Demonic, and I can't disagree with her.

Liberals are constantly pushing for the Rousseauian approach to governance in defiance of our nation's history and Constitution. They not only believe there is a "general will," they are sure their policies express it. Instead of allowing ordinary people to have more control over their lives, democrats produce inflexible, universal plans, sublimely confident of their ability to build a perfect system. They get angry when people say, "I don't think your plan will work in this part of the country." All plans, all rules, all regulations must be universal.

It's an obsession with the Democrats to nationalize everything: health care, welfare, the speed limit, abortion, the drinking age-- so there's no escape. Like all totalitarians, the Democrats' position is: We thought up something that we know will work better than anything anyone else has done for the last 30,000 years. We don't know why no one else has thought of it. We must be smarter.

This is why the history of liberalism consists of replacing things that work with things that sounded good on paper.


Frustrated that, in a democracy, they can't implement their grand plans to save humanity with the ease of a dictator, liberals demonize those who stand in their way. That's why Americans who objected to ObamaCare had to be anathematized for "obstructing" the plan for health care utopia.

The mob can make a person a pariah in an instant with rumors, outright lies, and the crowd's trademark smirking. They did it to Marie Antoinette. They did it to Joe McCarthy, They did it to Richard Nixon, the shah of Iran, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Haliburton, Margaret Thatcher, Dan Quayle, Bush I, Bush II, "neoconservative," Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Allen West-- the list is endless. It's important to liberals to express contempt for an adversary. Belittling people is pleasurable for them as well as tactically useful.

Instead of "counterrevolutionaries," liberals' opponents are called "haters," "those who seek to divide us," "tea baggers," and "right-wing hate groups." Meanwhile, conservatives call liberals "liberals"-- and that makes them testy.

They make wild, lying accusations against conservatives, especially the Tea Partiers-- to the point of accusing conservatives of complicity in a liberal lunatic's shooting spree at a Tucson Safeway that left six dead and a dozen wounded.

They terrorize their political opponents by ginning up psychopaths to physically attack conservatives at the Republican National Convention, conservative rallies, Republican luncheons, book signings, speeches-- even at the political opponent's home. Then they turn around and claim to be afraid of Tea Partiers.

Ann Coulter, Demonic (2011), pg. 276-278


Mark June 15, 2011 at 5:21 PM  

In a word, Liberals are evil. That is why I've begun to treat them exactly as they treat me. I call them stupid, idiots, and morons.

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If they can call me names I can call them names.

Quid pro quo.

BenT - the unbeliever,  June 16, 2011 at 4:53 PM  

Do you know why liberals like some things to be covered by national federal laws?

1. It eliminates duplicate bureaucracy in 50 separate states.

2. It can prevent a race to the bottom.
Do you know which states have the most corporate friendly credit card laws? Nebraska and Delaware.

Do you know where all the credit card companies are incorporated? Nebraska and Delaware.

Do you know whose laws you have to fight when you get screwed by the credit card companies? Nebraska and Delaware.

Do you know which state reps and national resp credit card companies give most of their money to? Nebraska and Delaware.

Do you know which states fight against new regulations of credit card companies? Nebraska and Delaware

The ONLY reason that health insurance isn't even worse than it is is because health insurance companies can't sell policies across state lines. That means that they have to deal with each state's insurance laws and regulations. If the republican solution to healthcare were implements then every health insurance company would move to New Mexico and benefits and consumer protections for most Americans would take a nosedive.

"We thought up something that we know will work better than anything anyone else has done for the last 30,000 years."

Do you think Ann is talking about marriage here where girls were married off at 13 or was she talking about ritual cannibalism like some Native American tribes practiced 30,000 years ago. Perhaps she means before farming laws where giant corporations owned the rights to crop genetics and the government paid farmers to plant certain starches. Should we go back to being ruled by kings like 30,000 years ago?

Talk about totalitarian.

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