Merry Christmas Harry "Herod" Reid

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

I find it curious that the main sticking point for senator Nelson was the abortion issue. At this time of year, the holiday during which we celebrate the birth of one particularly singular baby, America found itself debating the destruction of babies... making backroom deals to get votes for a bill that hasn't even been seen in full by anyone but Harry Reid's godless minions. Who's to say abortion won't be added back into the bill during reconciliation? Will senator Nelson still vote 'yes'? If such a bill ever gets passed the Christmas Holiday season will take on new meaning as that holiday season during which politicians chose to send temple guards to Bethlehem to preserve the status quo of inhuman butchery.

Look closely at that child folks... it's black. Where's the love all you civil rights loving Democrats? Where's the love you touted just yesterday Herod Reid? Where's the Love Barack? Where's the Hope you promised ALL Americans, including and especially the Black community? Where's that Change you promised, you murderer?

But don't worry, folks. It's not a "real" baby, it's just an amorphous blob of tissue deserving of neither respect, dignity, nor value... human or otherwise.

Merry Christmas all you abortion supporting bastards, including all you who vote such into office... who force God fearing Americans to pay for your crimes.

May you all be richly blessed with all that you deserve.


Now that I've calmed down, I have more to add.

Obama calls himself a Christian, and yet he has yet to find a church, let alone attend services. He claims to be a Christian yet he takes off his shoes to take part in Muslim prayer-- what Christian is EVER expected to bow to idols? This, after he rejects participation in the Christian National Day of Prayer.

Where are his Christian priorities? Obama had planned to not celebrate Christmas at all; no trees in the White House, no presents for his girls, but all that changed after the media got wind of it.

This man is a charlatan. He is a liar, a thief and, heaven help us all, a murderer. He is a fake Christian. He has lied every step of the way in his first 11 months. He has stolen from every American the hopes and dreams they had for themselves AND their children. And as a "Christian" he continues to support and defend the evil practice of abortion.

Think about it. Some two-thousand five or six years ago, one ruler who called himself a Jew, who availed himself of everything Jewish, including Temple rites, sent soldiers to Bethlehem to murder one child. Since he couldn't know which child, he ordered all male children under two murdered. Was Herod a good Jew? He was Jewish by birth (and that's the greatest difference between Herod and Obama; NO one is BORN a Christian), but was God pleased with what Herod did?

The answer is obvious.

Why then should anyone believe Obama is Christian... that God is pleased with who and what he is? Why does Herod Reid get to invoke Christianity and the holidays to pass a healthcare bill that, despite backroom deals to insure the contrary, WILL provide for tax-payer funded abortions.

Two thousand years ago Rachel wept for her children, but no one seems to be weeping today. How many children could Bethlehem have lost in Herod's folly? 100? We're talking 50+ million since 1973. And black babies make up the majority of abortions in America. How can a man who calls himself Christian, who claims to desire equity between black and white, rich and poor, support the most heinous crime of our time; that disproportionately kills more black children than white, Latino, or Asian?

Simple answer? He couldn't. Not without escaping the wrath and just punishment of God. George Tiller didn't escape. In the end we all pay for our sin, unless the blood of Christ covers us. And for Barack Obama to be saved from his sin there must be evidence... fruit... to bear witness of his faith. Instead, he shuns Christianity, and embraces the golden calf of Islam-- paganism.

Harry "Herod" Reid? A liar, thief, murderer.
Nancy Pelosi? Liar, thief, and murderer.
Democrats who voted for this abomination of a healthcare bill? Liars, Thieves, Murderers.
Anyone who voted for these bastards (biblically speaking)? Ignorant, Reprobate, partakers in the aforementioned bastard's evil deeds, and as such, they've blood on their hands. And, surprise, surprise, this describes my OWN family.

I'm not as angry as I was earlier today, but I am still angry. Democrats puff their chests out and smugly declare that they care more about the American people than do any other political persuasion, yet they support the destruction of human life. Liberals? No better... just look at the new internet ad by Rock the Vote.

This used to be a Christian nation. But no more. Clinton and Carter at least made pretenses toward Christianity... they actually attended church, however hypocritically. But now there's a new animal in the White House, one with just as much pretense as his predecessors, but without any outward show of faith. And America gives him a pass. "What a great man of faith he is!" Sadly, America has no idea what faith is, or the personal responsibility and promise of accountability that comes with it.

This Christmas, please take the time to pray for Obama's immortal soul. Ask God to save him and his family... to change his heart as God promised would occur via the gift of salvation. Because if Obama is the type of politician America can expect from here on out, we're doomed. We may already be, but nothing is impossible with God.

So while you're enjoying your family and friends this HOLYday season, make mention of Barack when you say grace. Pray for your own family too; that God will sustain them through the dark days ahead should Obama get his way.

And finally, consider this: Will God hold ANY of us blameless when we, as taxpayers, begin paying for the wholesale destruction of human life? Think about it. Our taxes will be used to pay doctors to murder children. When Jesus told the priests to render unto Caesar the things which were Caesar's, no Jew had a right to vote Caesar into or out of office. We DO have such a right, and I'd bet every cent I'll ever make the rest of my life that God WILL hold us accountable for the votes we cast.

Take another good look at that poor black baby above. That child will one day see justice done. Please make sure you aren't counted in that number. For if you are... better that you had never been born at all.


Bloviating Zeppelin December 26, 2009 at 9:59 PM  

I had originally linked you through American Descent.

Is this the same blog? Same author?

Not to minimize you, but what has happened here?

What is the actual TITLE of this new blog??


ELAshley December 26, 2009 at 10:07 PM  

It's still "American Descent." The header change may or may not be temporary, but "American Descent" will find it's way back into the verbiage.

Same authors, same everything. Just a lot of frustration at the direction our so-called "leaders" are taking us.

Marshall Art December 27, 2009 at 2:20 AM  

Powerful stuff, Eric, and sure to put you in the sights of all who label such as the rantings of a hater. How dare you call them murderers, they will wonder. Too many continue to play games with the reality of life, to justify their decisions, to absolve them of responsibility for their heinous "choice".

I've recently found out a niece of mine, about 17 or 18, one I have had little contact over the last 15 years, has become pregnant. So far, the story is that she is going to bring it to term. God bless her for that if it is true. I also have heard that her mother, my former sister-in-law, has encouraged her to abort. May God forgive her. Our society has gotten to the point where too many actually think it's a decision worth considering. How nice to hear a young girl deciding against such a heinous abdication of personal responsibility.

I share your contempt for the practice. I share your contempt for the notion that it isn't the same as murder. I share your grief over the knowledge that people I love have cast their votes for people who support and legislate in favor of abortion.

What really scorches my ass, however, is the reality that abortion is considered "a wedge issue" even by too many on the right. They feel we would have too much trouble defeating Dems at election time if we're too vocal in our opposition to abortion. I fear it may be true and it saddens me no end.

But I will keep that issue to the fore in my decision making when my vote is requested. Right now, the GOP in my state, and I believe the national organization, is backing Mark Kirk for the Senate, to replace Roland Burris. Mark Kirk supports abortion, homo marriage and cap & tax. Screw 'im. I won't vote in that election if he's the GOP candidate in that race. If the Dem happens to be pro-life, I may even vote for the Dem, but I won't vote for a Republican who acts like a lefty just to win votes. Particularly if they vote in favor of abortion.

Al-Ozarka January 8, 2010 at 10:54 AM  

"May you all be richly blessed with all that you deserve."

Just remember, Eric...we ALL deserve HELL!

Bloviating Zeppelin January 10, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

The Left won't listen, the Left won't look; once you brought religion into it their eyes and ears were turned away. Mr Obama can do NO WRONG as far as their ignorant carcasses are concerned.


RonL January 19, 2010 at 12:07 AM  

Herod was no model Jew. Ethnically he was not Jewish. His father was Antipater, a Hellenized Idumean. (Idumea/Edom had been conquered and forced to convert to Judaism 50 years before Herod's birth.) His mother was a Nabatean. Herod butchered his way through the Hasmonean family until forcing himself on Miriam I. When the Sanhedrin protest his rule, most were slaughtered.
Jew, hardly. He was a Roman-imposed Edomite usurper.

ELAshley January 19, 2010 at 6:35 AM  

An Edomite. I did not know that.I guess that made him a descendant of Esau, and a progenitor of the modern Palestinian?

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