A Historic Event?

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tonight, or rather Saturday night, we learn that the House passed the 19,000 page health care reform bill. I believe this was Pelosi's baby. I believe it will take a long time to find a job.

The passage of this bill was described as historic by Pelosi and she's absolutely right. It will cause all sorts of problems for our economy despite her promise that it won't add to the deficit. Frankly, I don't believe she's read the damned thing anymore than anyone who supports it has. When the hell do they have the time to read such monstrocities?

Now it goes to the Senate and they will jack around with their version which, if it passes also, will then be meshed somehow with the House version and then rammed down our collective throats. They don't freakin' care.

We on the right get all sorts of heat from our liberal opponents when we say the Obama and the Dems hate our country. Yet, they expect us to believe otherwise when burdensome, economy busting legislation like this shit is rushed through without real debate. There is no way any law, any bill, any proposal of any kind needs to be over a couple dozen pages at the most. That it can be as lengthy as this death to America bill means trouble as the average American can never easily wade through it, with many simply unable to understand what the hell they're even looking at. The scum in Washington know this and so they make sure it's big as hell and ram it through as fast as they can. They know they can because they have the votes. If anyone, like a Republican, insists they slow down so everyone can read it, digest it and debate it properly, they scream of Republican obstruction. They hate us. They want only to rule over us. They are despotic bastards. At best, they are incompetent, arrogant bastards. But they're bastards everyone.

Our best hope now is the Supreme Court and some good legal people demonstrating how unConstitutional it is for the Federal gov't to assume it can in any way demand that I buy anything. They are way the hell overstepping their bounds here. I am offended to say the least that they would dare require me to do anything other than abide the rights of others.

More and more I feel contempt for those I know, and that includes close family members, who have casted votes for this asshole president and for that matter, any Democrat at all. We are in for a hell of a ride. I pray to Almighty God that people feel the hurt immediately so as to compell them to vote out as many of these jerks as they can as soon as they can beginning with the upcoming mid-terms.

Yeah, it's historic. It marks a further downturn in American prosperity, liberty and strength. Thanks Dem voters.

America haters.


Marty November 9, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

"I believe it will take a long time to find a job."

You found a job. It just wasn't what you "wanted".

Marshall Art November 9, 2009 at 2:25 PM  

"You found a job. It just wasn't what you "wanted"."

Take note of the chronology, Marty. I "found" a job, decided it wasn't suitable (a more accurate way to say it), resigned my position, and then the anti-American Democrats in the House of Reps passed a burdensom and economy destroying health care bill. Now, it is from this point that I make my statement "I believe it will take a long time to find a job."

Finding a job and being forced to take a job is not quite the same thing. I was forced by circumstances to take what I wouldn't have otherwise taken. I do believe you're enjoying my plight and perceive some sort of inconsistency on my part. But I'm not obliged to live life on your terms in the least. For me to have kept that job would have worsened my chances for finding a job more suitable to my needs and by a very high factor. I hope you're not ever made to make such choices yourself.

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