>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

Many are hailing the recent Republican victories in New Jersey, Virginia and elsewhere. The Maine victory for traditional marriage is especially uplifting, particularly considering it's, well, Maine. Many are hoping it signals a change in direction for America. I think the best we can say at this point is that it's a nice hiccup and see what happens with continued pressure from the grassroots. I'm optimistic.

Yes, I'm optimistic but in a pessimistic way. That is, things will improve (more will begin to vote for conservative candidates) only after things get much worse.

Libs like to say that they support Obama because they approve of the direction he wants to take this country. But none of them really knew who the hell they were voting for and still don't. They listened to his campaign rhetoric and pretended he was saying something and yelled, "I'm for THAT!" People like Limbaugh and Beck can document all they like the actions and associates that illustrate the real man, but they pretend they know who Limbaugh and Beck are and believe lies they hear about them. And then they go on believing Obama says things when he opens his mouth and they pretend he's done something as a president that has made a difference. Well, OK, he has done a thing or two that has made a difference, but I meant that his supporters somehow believe he's made positive differences.

Among these "differences" are his czars. He's got more czars in ten months than Russia had in her entire history. And the calibur of these people is beyond words. This Phyllis Schlafly piece speaks of another appointee of Obama's. How can anyone look at the people with whom Barry has surrounded himself, both in his past, with scumbags like Bill Ayers, the not-so-reverend Wright, Tony Retzko, and his present, namely, all his czars, then add to that positions he's taken, like his abortion stance, his stim and bailout plans, his takeovers of the financial and auto industries and his attempt to take over health care, how can anyone look at all that and say they like the direction he's taking us? How can anyone do that and say they love America? At what point do such people ever consider the possible consequences of the things a guy like this can do?

It might seem harsh to say that libs hate America. Naive is likely the most accurate term, but the damage their naivete will inflict feels like hatred to me. Frankly, when rank stupidity results in the amount of harm that's been done followed by the harm that's coming should health care reform as they want it passes, it really doesn't matter whether the pain was a result of malicious intent or incompetent ignorance. All I know is there's pain and suffering.

A great disservice was done to America by it's own people a year ago. Most of those responsible don't even know it. Others are living in a freakin' dream world believing there's improvement afoot. I've met a few who are without a doubt feeling buyer's remorse and regret their vote. If I've sounded harsh and hateful in this and recent postings, it's not likely to get any better, because I have my regrets, too. The midterm elections of '06 marks the real notable moment in history. It marked the time when the party that should have done their job, because the other party doesn't even know how, didn't. What came next was a change of power to the incompetents. Now they run the whole show and the shit has hit the fan. It's spraying all over the walls and it'll take a huge effort to clean it up. That effort should have taken place well before those '06 elections. THAT'S when there should have been tea parties and increased citizen participation. THAT'S when we could have made sure this country was headed in the right direction. We took our hands off the freakin' wheel and now the children have grabbed it and we're headed for a major crash. Yeah. It's our fault.


Mark November 9, 2009 at 12:07 AM  

Polygamist are a bit premature. They have to first legalize the oxymoronic gay marriage nationwide.

Then, the door will be opened to all other perverts, and the slope will be well oiled.

ELAshley November 9, 2009 at 10:33 AM  

"THAT'S when there should have been tea parties and increased citizen participation. THAT'S when we could have made sure this country was headed in the right direction."

True... that's when there SHOULD have been tea parties. But no one ever gets up to change anything until the shit is on the walls. You know this.

This country is screwed. Not because of last fall's election, but because of all the incremental changes made after every election since JFK's. The shit has been hitting the wall all this time, but we've only just come to appreciate just how awful the stench is.

Again... no one ever gets up to change anything until the shit is on the walls. No one changes a lightbulb until they find themselves sitting in the dark.

Marshall Art November 9, 2009 at 8:58 PM  

Agreed, Eric. But we can probably go back to Hoover, but definitely FDR, when people should have been paying closer attention to what Washington is doing.

But it all begins locally. As we do our best to throw our support behind whatever candidates are out there on the national level, we need just as much, possibly more, scrutiny of our local people. That's where the national people come from.

We also need to continue preaching the word (as opposed to the Word, but that too) to our liberal friends, demanding that they explain their support for their candidates while being prepared to defend ours.

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