A Second American Civil War?

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At the outset, I do not desire nor will I ever call for citizens of this nation to rise up and fight one another. How would that work anyway? It's not like America's polarized philosophical bents are separated by regions or states like American Civil War v1. We're far too integrated for that. A new civil war would be fought street to street, block to block, city to city. Another civil war in this country would be far bloodier and take a much greater toll on human life than the first. And many of our enemies abroad would take advantage of our bloody distraction. So, don't dare to suggest I desire or seek to see another civil war erupt in this country. I will simply call you the "Fool" you are for even suggesting it.

It could be said, and fairly, that there is a spirit of animus that has covered this land. We literally hate each other-- deny it if you will, but it will only makes you a liar --and the hatred is only getting more intense each day.

As in every war there are Generals, Commanders, Leaders, and grunts who do most of the dying. Then of course there are the innocent bystanders, but then there wouldn't really be any innocent bystanders in a war of ideology... of conscience. EVERYONE has an ideology.

And let's not forget the instigators. There are always a few of those who feed off conflict and through conflict work to effect their own plans for a brave new world. It is this group of individuals-- or cabals --that do the most damage, not for sheer numbers or individual ability, but rather for the influence they can exert upon much larger groups of individuals; getting them to wreak the havoc the cabal desires. And that, I believe, is where we are today.

It's not that the American people are truly divided, as Americans. We are instead divided upon principles, values, and ideological mores-- or morals. We are led like members of an orchestra to perform each note at each fall of the conductor's baton of a symphony whose last great crescendo is still pages away.

Who is the conductor? Our Marshall or General? Who is leading this country toward another civil war? It is the political class, in concert with the American media intelligentsia-- those educated elites who have no faith in the American people to see the right or wrong of any situation they are not allowed to frame, or otherwise pre-color for the average news consumer.

We have today something unprecedented in modern American politics. We have a president who is actively seeking to change the face of hometown America; seeking to destroy American strength in the world; seeking to destroy a news agency as well as individual thinkers who refuse to kowtow to his brand of American Exceptionalism; managing to-- seemingly --complete construction on the bulwark of liberal dominance, of a specific ideological and political brand. In short, a president that is on the cusp of ensuring his own party never loses power again.

On the surface of this argument it's understandable that one faction having held the reins for so long, and losing them, would seek to never see it happen again. But below the surface it is a viscous stagnating pool of corruption and out-right evil. Even were the Republicans trying this, it would not change my opinion.

Can it ever be called righteous to hire thugs to keep people away from the polls? The Obama administration did that. They hired ACORN to pad the voter rolls, and in one major city hired Black Panthers to intimidate voters entering a polling place. Did I say "hire"? Well, ACORN was already on the American payroll, but the Black Panthers? When Obama Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed the case against the Black Panthers the administration in affect gave tacit approval of what they did. Obama, in effect, "paid" the Black Panthers by condoning, and by extension, approving of what they did.

Can it ever be called righteous to call to one's employ men and women whose great informers and idols were men like Marx and Mao? Men whose philosophies enslaved and butchered hundreds of millions of people? Obama is free, of sorts, to call anyone an advisor, but is this the best policy? Does America want a leader who calls upon thinkers whose ideologies are counter to that of this nation's basic premise? Freedom and Liberty? Is it even possible for a Communications Director to direct the flow and dissemination of information from the White House who personally views Mau Tse Tung as a great philosopher? How can Mao's philosophy be considered great when he murdered 70 million of his own countrymen? Stalin murdered 51 million. Hitler murdered, roughly, 12 million.

And yet we hold Hitler in greater disdain than Stalin, or Mao. Our sense of conscience has been directed to view Hitler as the ultimate evil in terms of political leadership, yet Mao, revered still today in some American circles, is deemed less evil.

There is something wrong in America and at the heart of it is this nation's sense of right and wrong, though to be more specific, this nation's ruling class' sense of right and wrong.

And who are America's ruling class?

Well, not by any presidential decree or constitutionally granted privilege, America's de facto ruling class, are the political establishment as embodied in our three branches of government, their supporting agencies and personnel, and much of media which plays a more 'Tokyo Rose' collaborative supporting role.

American's have, for a very long time, abdicated their responsibilities as American citizens in favor of a government that desires only to take care of each and every citizen. In a perfect world this would be the ideal, everyone caring for everyone... in fact, in such a world government would not be necessary, so don't think this is what government is trying to bring about. They are not. Since we do not live in a perfect world, we are left with each and every individual citizen clamoring for attention, a voice, a handout, their human rights, big homes, lavish lifestyles, I, Me, Mine... including every politician, every White House big wig, every staffer anywhere in politics-- we are all human, after all. And every one of these people have ideas about how best the people should be governed, the fading ink on a 230+ year old document not withstanding.

Those who govern us, as well as those who would rule us, do not desire to see their own role in governing diminished. They wish, if anything, to expand their role, and ensure their continued success in promulgating their own ideological visions of a better nation, and increasing the size of their portfolios. This is not a perfect world. They have our best interests in mind, and their best intentions in hand, but remember the old proverb, the road to Hell is paved with good intention.

Our Constitution, constructed in the manner it was, places limits on what government can do, but over the last 230 years the halls of government have managed a vast number of work-arounds. There are "procedures" enough to do just about anything Congress desires, assuming they can find a president to sign it into law.

Enter President Barack Hussein Obama.

Rush Limbaugh has be castigated for stating the obvious, that the Media was desirous that a black quarterback do well in the NFL and so did all they could to ensure the success, in the minds of viewers, of Donovan McNabb. Nothing wrong with that. In 2003, POST 9/11 why shouldn't anyone want to see a black quarterback do well? We are all Americans after all, and all equal in the sight of God. Media just didn't like hearing the truth. They didn't like the way it sounded. They didn't like their laundry being aired in the front yard for all to see.

Leap forward 5 years to 2008, and here we have the same thing again. We have a fawning media desirous that a black president do well. And they are bending over backward to brand anyone who disagrees with Obama's policies (not his skin color) as racist. The only difference between then and now, is now they don't give a rat's ass WHO sees their dirty laundry drying in the front yard.

But all this is a distraction. Media gins up controversy where none truly is in order to give time and cover to the Obama Administration and Congress to affect as many of the changes a Marxist president and ├╝ber Liberal/Marxist house and senate desires before the ghost of Jefferson, residing still in many Americans today, rises up to quash the apparent destruction of the very liberties granted us by that charter of negative rights our president calls the Constitution. The very one he swore to uphold, protect and defend.

While we are bickering Congress and the White House are moving forward with their plans to reshape America. This December Obama plans to sign a treaty at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, that will strip America of a measure of her sovereignty. Link, Link, Link. Upon the signing of this treaty a world government will be established that will have the power to enforce its climatological whims upon the United States of America. Once signed we will never be able to get out of it. This nation will become subservient to a world government.

In the meantime, we bicker. Obama pushes a socialist Utopian vision, Congress seeks to permanently solidify its hold on power, and the media? They like what they see. They want the "Change" and "Hope" they're getting, which is why they desire to see this particular black president do well.

We are losing the game because we're not allowed on the field except on election day. And in the meantime all those people manning the puppet strings are pushing this country into a deepening crisis of vitriol and anger aimed not at the government per se but at each other and the personalities of government. It's okay to hate Barack Obama so long as it doesn't get in the way of Barack Obama doing what must be done for the betterment of American society. It's okay to hate the president so long as media can keep the focus of your hatred and anger on the figure and not the sleight of his hand.

But what none of these so-called 'intellectual elites' realize is there always comes a point when raising the ire of any mob that the ire takes on a life of its own, and the mob takes over.

What would it take for Americans to start killing Americans? SEIU members were called in by the Obama Administration to counter this summer's town hall protesters. The result? Intimidation. Violence. One BLACK conservative was beaten by SEIU members outside of one such town hall meeting. White men... beating a black man? Did it make much noise on any network other than FOX? Of course not. The black man was a conservative... a sell-out to his own race... the black conservative was the racist.

What does it take for violence to erupt in America? Apparently not much at all. How much would it take for outright killing to erupt? Does anyone remember the violence that followed Rodney King's trial? And he won!

Barack Obama and a complicit media have stirred up racial tensions in America, not alleviated or abrogated them. And as long as they can keep us distracted they seem to desire its continuance. It allows them cover for the things they really want.

We are losing America folks. It may already be lost. How long before Winston Smith becomes the archetypal American citizen? Living in fear of his government, his coworkers, his neighbors... perhaps even his family?

I'm only scratching the surface here, folks.


Dan Trabue October 21, 2009 at 4:11 PM  

You may be only scratching the surface, but it's a LONG scratch. Eric, I am not interested in reading a book on a blog. I'd suggest you'd be better off being brief. I read the first few paragraphs, then a line or two of your last two big screeds.

I doubt many folk will bother to read the whole thing.

Just for what it's worth.

As to what you wrote in the first few lines, you said...

Another civil war in this country would be far bloodier and take a much greater toll on human life than the first.

No. It won't. It won't because the vast majority of us would not fight one another. We would not wage war on our fellow citizens.

If some few extremists would begin with violence, they would be treated as criminals and arrested and charged with the appropriate crimes. That's all.

There is no pending civil war. We disagree but we don't hate, for the most part. I don't hate you. My church family does not hate you.

We disagree with you, that is all. It happens, and that's okay.

Relax, bro.

ELAshley October 21, 2009 at 11:12 PM  

My what short attention spans you have, grampa!

Seriously though, you have patience to wade through 250 comments on a single post but you can't spend five minutes on one post?

BenT - the unbeliever,  October 22, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

I read the full piece if I thought the prose would be anything other than predictable.

You present false logic chains. You ascribe motivations to people without supporting facts. You paint complex moral and societal issues as simplistic black and white choices. And then portray those who stand separate from you as willfully malicious and subhuman.

If I want to trudge through material of such a nature, I will read the writings of better known fanatics.

At the end of his administration George W. Bush had a national approval rating in the 30's. It lingered in that range for the final year of his presidency.

And you know what? None of Pres. Bush's detractors felt the need to speak about civil wars or armed resistance. They spoke of impeachment yes. But that is the process of the system for removing a president.

Right now Barack Obama is twice as popular as Bush was. The democratic party in congress is almost twice as popular as the republican party. Overall the American people aren't ecstatic over the progress of the nation, but they are satisfied with the people at the helm.

There will be no civil war. You think so because you only hear the echo chamber.

Jim October 22, 2009 at 10:28 PM  

Ben, perfect response.

Marshall Art October 24, 2009 at 2:16 AM  

"Overall the American people aren't ecstatic over the progress of the nation, but they are satisfied with the people at the helm."

Wow! If that's true then things are far worse than I thought. People are really satisfied with this bunch of pathetic idiots at the helm? God help us all.

Marshall Art October 24, 2009 at 3:55 PM  

Having read the whole piece, I wonder just what parts do Ben and Dan, if he ever deigns to read the whole thing, find troubling? It is not considering such possibilities that leads to such possibilities becoming more than possible. Eric's questions are not beyond the pale or beyond a real possibility when we take a hard, serious and objective look at the present administration and it's allies in the media and elsewhere. Doesn't seem that Ben, Jim or Dan are willing to do that.

Indeed, we on the right look harder at the actions of right-wing politicians than the left does of their own or ours. Thus, we are equally observant of the actions and logical results of same by those like Obama & Co. While the Dans of the world satisfy themselves with feel-good rhetoric of their political messiahs, serious people are aware of the realities. This was never more apparent than the wild-eyed and pants-wetting cries over the authors of the Plan for a New American Century, a simple look at the realities of the world and the logical outcomes based on actions and inactions.

Can this country wind up in some level of civil war? Of course it can. We are not immune to such possibilities any more than we are terrorists bringing down our symbols of gov't and capitalism.

Marshall Art October 24, 2009 at 4:06 PM  

Unlike the previous administration, who was accused of all sorts of undemocratic, non-constitutional activity, this admin is surrounded by the very people who would see our way of life changed to resemble the environments created by the worst people in human history. Our rights are far more in jeopardy now than they ever were during Bush's two terms, despite the whining of leftist know-nothings. As this push to become the new People's Republic of America lists further to that port side, fewer will find themselves willing to live out this "hope and change" quietly.

What the Obama faithful fail to realize, accept or consider, is that what is being pushed by the radical left is that which will be done incrementally so that the pain and discomfort is not noticed. A recent example is the Senate's approval of adding sexual orientation to hate crimes laws, a bill awaiting Barry's signature, if I'm not mistaken. Who would have thought fifty years ago that beating a homo would be considered worthy of harsher sentencing than the beating of anyone else? That's like sentencing you to twenty years for beating the mugger who would have only gotten ten years if you let him beat you.

But the groundwork for such radical and woefully stupid legislation was laid long ago and in small steps the incredibly pathetic notions of right and wrong have been made manifest in our culture so that more fools believe such changes to be just.

The reach of gov't into our personal lives is greater now than ever before and the threat of picking up speed greater as well. Obama & Co are the perfect jackasses to worsen the American condition and they are more than willing to put the pedal down. There must be a breaking point and at that time it indeed could be very violent.

Al-Ozarka October 27, 2009 at 2:28 PM  

"...but they are satisfied with the people at the helm."

Delusion defined.

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