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>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The last blog entry I posted at my blog, entitled "Congressman King Is Called A Racist" was perhaps the worst piece I ever wrote. I know what I was trying to say, but I was so angry. I just couldn't find the words.

I am still angry.

Why isn't everybody as enraged as I am? How long are we going to allow these race baiters and bigots to infect our culture with their hate and bigotry?

I am sick and tired of these jerks.

Do you understand what happened here? Let me remind you:

Congressman Pete King of New York posted a video wherein he exercised his first amendment right to free speech, and was mercilessly attacked for it.

He was apalled, as most of us sane citizens are, with all the fervor surrounding the death of Micheal Jackson, a man (and I use the term loosely) who's sole positive accomplishment in his 50 years was recording rhythmic, catchy, tunes for profit.

And also, for easier access to young boys for the purpose of sexual abuse.

OK. So maybe Jackson was a musical genius. If one wants to make that claim, I'll acquiesce to that. Perhaps he was extraordinarily brilliant at musical and video production. I'll grant you that as well.

But, as one commentator wrote, all those accomplishments are negated by his perversion.

Pete King was attacked and vilified for stating the truth.

I understand Michael Jackson's fans may have felt insulted by what Mr King said, and they have every right to voice objections to Kings portrayal of Jackson as a pedophile. After all, Jackson was acquitted of those charges. Some people accept that, and that's their perogative.

And, if Jackson's devotees had simply stopped at that, I wouldn't be writing this post.

But the racists and race baiters and bigots just had to stir the pot, and throw in charges of racism as well.

This is wholly unacceptable behavior.

Pete King said nothing about race, or color, or even any physical difference between blacks and whites during his rant. He made no reference whatsoever to stereotypical behavior of any race color or creed. He did not draw any similarities between race and pedophilia.

He did not say Jackson was a pedophile because he was a black man.

In short, nothing Pete King said had anything to do with race issues.

None. Zip. Nada.

When are we going to speak up and stop these people from disrupting and dividing our culture?

If not for these so-called black leaders and professional racists, there would be no racism anymore.

But they just have to keep the anger seething, don't they?

Ask yourself: What are they trying to accomplish? Racial equality?

Hardly. We have, for the most part, achieved that now. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr won equality for blacks through his campaign of non-violence back in the 60's.

Yes, we are still a work in progress today, but really, how much further would we be toward that goal of true racial equality without certain people (on both sides admittedly) continually antagonizing the others?

The white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan have been effectively neutralized. They have become insignificant.We pretty much ignore them and discount them as just a bunch of nuts, now. And nuts they are.

The only real racists and bigots that have any influence now are the black racists.

Are blacks still relegated to the back of the bus, banned from lunch counters, forced to drink from specially labeled drinking fountains?

Does our white culture still prevent blacks from attending all white schools, bar them from jobs they are qualified for, or otherwise "keep them in their place"?

No I say. No, no, and a thousand times no.

The fact is, blacks have more opportunity to all these things, and more today. Their leaders agitated for affirmative action and they got it.

Now, the pendulum has swung the other direction. Whites are now discriminated against regularly in schools, businesses, and everyday culture.

Do you think I'm overstating the problem?

Ask Frank Ricci.

Or, on your next visit to the Walmart, or the supermarket, or any place where the customer service people don't get paid on tips. Pay attention. Pay attention to the difference in how the black customers and white customers are treated by black customer service workers.

And still, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Lewis Farrakhan, Hazel Dukes, Charles Rangel, Barack Hussein Obama, and so many other so-called black leaders continue to agitate, antagonize, bully, accuse, vilify, and intimidate white people into keeping their mouths shut, and allowing black leaders to set public policies and agendas.

Believe it or not, these racist bigots actually get paid to incite division and hatred! They get paid to hate! Someone (and in many cases, it's the taxpayers), is paying these scumbags to spread hatred and division among the races.

This outrage has to be stopped. These so-called black leaders need to be fired. They are systematically destroying the fabric of our multi-racial culture.

We need to get angry. We need to stand up for true racial equality. We need to find our voices, and we need to use them to affect real change.

We need to treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, color, or creed.

Everyone, that is, that deserve equal treatment. Not the scheming, cheating, lying race baiters and hate merchants.

We need to treat them as they would treat others.

That is what they deserve.


Marshall Art July 14, 2009 at 10:04 PM  

I have a really hard time with the incessant need by some in our culture to paint so much with a racist brush. I frankly no longer care if I'm referred to as a racist. I will simply demand proof or a compelling arugment to defend the obvious lie. I, for one, am tired of walking on eggshells in order not to offend people with innocent remarks, offending them due to some problem within themselves. The end of racism is not only dependent upon people getting over their issues with race, it is equally dependent upon those who take offense at the slightest thing to chill out and dig themselves. And of course it is dependent upon recognizing those who play the race card for profit and telling them to take a hike.

Having said all that, it's obvious that I agree with Mark's basic premise. But I want to say one thing about Jackson. That he was a freak show is without doubt and beyond debate. But I think in many ways he was emotionally retarded in that he impresses me as someone who COULD invite kids into his bed only to sleep with them, like kids do in your typical sleep over. Yeah, it's creepy as hell and I would not want any kid I know being such a guest. I would think equally poorly of the parents of any kid allowed to sleep over under such conditions, particularly once news of such things came out. But all we can really say is that the wacky dude was accused. He bought off the one kid's family and he said it was just to make them go away. Would YOU just go away? I wouldn't if I really thought my kid was molested. The other family were obviously looking to cash in and Jackson was found not guilty (or the case was dropped---I don't recall the details and don't care). Freak show. That's all we know for sure. And many people hoped to drain big bucks out of that show. So I don't believe any of them.

However, King's statements were wrong for the reasons I just mentioned, but like many, he obviously believes Jackson is a child molester. That doesn't mean he's racist.

What race was Jackson, anyway?

Mark July 15, 2009 at 8:13 AM  

Art, according to the Smoking Gun website,

The Smoking Gun has compiled an authoritative, behind-the-scenes account of the prosecution's case against the King of Pop, who was indicted last April on ten felony counts for the alleged sexual abuse of a Los Angeles boy in early 2003. This story is based on a review of confidential law enforcement and government reports, grand jury testimony, and sealed court records provided to TSG by sources. Jackson is a textbook pedophile, a 46-year-old predator who plied children with wine, vodka, tequila, Jim Beam whiskey, and Bacardi rum. A man who gave boys nicknames like Doo Doo Head and Blowhole and then quizzed them about whether they masturbated and if "white stuff" came out. A man who conducted drinking games with minors and surfed porn with them on a laptop in his Neverland Ranch bedroom, noting that if anyone asked what they were looking at, the kids should just say they were watching "The Simpsons." A man who frequently talked sex with his little companions and explained that "boys have to masturbate or they go crazy." A man who told one pajama-clad boy that he wanted to show him how to "jack off." When the tipsy child declined the demonstration, Jackson announced, "I'll do it for you," and buried his hand in the boy's Hanes briefs, size small. And a man who emphasized to his little friends that these activities were "their little secret" and should not be disclosed to anyone, even if a gun was at their head.

Jackson was a pedophile.

I once did some extensive research about pedophilia. When a Pedophile says he loves children, believe him. They really do love children.

The problem is, they cannot distinguish between sex and love(just like homosexuals). To them, sex is how they show love, so they initiate sex with those they love. They do not see themselves as child abusers. They do not see themselves as evil.

So, when Jackson said he loves children and would never hurt them, he was telling the truth as he sees it.

Normal people see what's wrong with the way he showed love for children. He didn't.

Mark July 15, 2009 at 8:27 AM  

I explained the pedophile mentality in One of the first posts I wrote, which was about the trial of Michael Jackson in 2005.

Marshall Art July 16, 2009 at 11:26 PM  


I don't care to defend Jackson. As I said, he was a freak show. But the smoking gun stuff is the charges against him in which case? The one where the parents couldn't keep their stories straight, or the one where the parents took money to walk away? I know I wouldn't take money to walk away if my kid was molested. And since Jackson wasn't convicted, one must assume innocence, even if the freak show compells one otherwise. At this point, I really don't care.

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