Why Obama Flipped

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recently, Barack Hussein Obama reversed his earlier decision to release some photos to the press. The photos reportedly have images that show some rather harsh interrogation techniques being performed on terrorist detainees.

And now the pundits on all sides are speculating on why.

Well, not all the pundits. The ones who follow Obama religiously and think he can do no wrong aren't questioning his motives.

Some Conservative commentators have decided, grudgingly, that he made the right decision this time. Even Hannity thinks Obama did the right thing.

Why? Obviously, many feel the release of the photos could somehow endanger the lives of our troops in the field, or possibly even innocent civilians.

On a certain level, I understand the concern. There has indeed been evidence that releasing photos of inhumane treatment (Abu Ghraib) in the past emboldened the enemy and helped provoke an escalation of attacks. If that is really Obama's concern, I could get behind him on that, as well.

But I think the pundits are leaving out one very important detail.

Obama never does anything that is good for anyone other than himself.

In order to reach this hypothesis, we need to try to think the way Obama thinks.

Remember, Obama is a pathological narcissist. As we have seen repeatedly, Obama does nothing that isn't politically expedient to advance his own personal interests.

So. I am thinking there must be something in those photographs that will either advance or derail Obama's train. And, I also think it must be something that is, in effect, borderline, or else his decision to release or not to release would be much easier.

So lets all speculate about what the photos depict, shall we?

Thinking like Obama, I'm thinking the first impression, to Obama, must have been that the pictures show acts of torture. I can just see him rubbing his hands together in delight, thinking he has finally found proof of what his administration and his adoring fans in the media have been saying all along. What better way to advance his agenda of appeasing the terrorist and undermining America's security than finding and producing evidence of morally repugnant interrogation techniques, that he can spin as torture?

Obama, having been born into privilege, and never having to endure any discomfort his entire life, would no doubt look at images of a detainee being restrained, pushed against a soft wall, confronted by a caterpillar, or similarly innocuously discomforted, and assume (at first, not realizing those interrogation techniques are actually quite mild) they constitute torture.

But then, after the media frenzy regarding what the photos might contain, and speculation from all sides on what actually constitutes torture, Obama had another look.

Now, looking at them in a much more reasonable light, Obama sees there is nothing in the photos that would merit concern. The photos indicate nothing that could be construed as torture, except by the most rabid peace-at-all-cost zealots.

This could be a devastating setback to Obama's lofty aspirations. How could he continue to demonize the Conservatives when the photos prove we have been correct (and the Liberals wrong) all the time?

So, he changes his mind and decides not to release the photos.

Now the inexplicable has happened, and probably quite by accident. Even his opponents are praising him for finally making a prudent decision.

When you hear pundits praising this decision, Don't be fooled. Sometimes we the people are smarter than the experts.


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