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>> Monday, March 30, 2009

In a recent post down below, Mark was accused of being racist. This Kyle-Anne Shiver piece reviews what was so obvious to Obama opponents during the campaign. Nothing that is going on now is a surprise to right-wingers, but still, only a few so-called moderates and even fewer lefties are feeling that a big mistake was made last November. That is, most of Obama's supporters still think he was the best man for the job, even out of their own sorry line-up of candidates. Idiots put America in this situation and they solidified power of the worst in our government.

There is still discussion of Limbaugh's hope that Obama fails. The faux outrage by those who felt exactly the same way about Bush is besides the point. The point is, which would be better? That he fails or that he succeeds? If Obama fails, that is, fails to get his agenda passed as he wants it, then any slowdown in economic recovery, any bump in the road could be seen as a need to implement his full agenda. But if he succeeds to get his wishes enacted, the suffering would be way too unbearable by the time his sheep realized what caused it. In a sense, it would be better that his idiotic ideas are passed swiftly in order to hurt as many people as it can, and it will hurt many, so that there is no doubt that a change must come and the mid-terms a good time to get started.

One of the worst things I must endure while being unemployed is the constant stories from well-wishers of how tough it is out there and how many people each knows who is out of work. So it's tough out there and a lot of people are out of work. People are feeling the hurt. Many blame Bush, but while they are, they fail to realize that Barry has been doing the same things times ten. But those sorry individuals are the same that will begin to scream at Barry as their pain increases. They won't care who started it. They'll only care that Barry ain't gettin' it done. They might as well start screamin' now, because Barry and Timmy Geitner ain't got clue one.

And to think: all this was forseen by anyone willing to look at the messiah closely. Like AIDS, this was totally preventable.


Mark March 30, 2009 at 9:14 AM  

Sometimes I can be stupid. For years I have put up with Dan Trabue's silly, ridiculous, illogical arguments, accusations and ad hominen attacks on me and my character. I have always believed that he argues simply for the sake of argument, and not because he really believes in what he says.

I now admit I have identified him incorrectly.

If one goes back and closely scrutinizes his arguments, one will see he rarely argues against the most so-called "offensive statements, but instead, selects some trivial related point of which he believes to be weak, and argues against that.

I have now, after all this time, finally figured out why Dan so continually argues with me:

I am smarter than him and he can't accept that fact. So, he argues. And it has worked up until now. Now, however, I understand his need to be recognized as on the same intellectual level as I am.

When he can't get anywhere with his mostly off-topic arguments, he finally resorts to accusations and name calling. But even in his name calling, he can't even get that right. Such as when he calls me, a hetero-sexual with absolutely no sexual deviancy, a pervert.

The facts are simple and obvious. Dan Trabue simply isn't as smart as I am, and he simply can't accept it.

So, he can call me racist and perverted all he wants. he is the only one who doesn't recognize the truth when he sees it.

That would also explain his slobbering unreasonable worship of Barack Hussein Obama.

Mark March 30, 2009 at 9:27 AM  

OK, now, let me comment directly on your post, Art.

I've been saying all along that Obama and his friends and followers are the real racists. I've pointed out ad nauseum that racism isn't defined only as discrimination of whites against blacks. It is also racism when blacks discriminate against whites. Or when Muslims discriminate against Jews.

Fact is. All racism is wrong. But all complaints against people of other colors, creeds, or religions are not necessarily wrong. Not if they are complaints concluded from facts.

For instance, I can dislike Obama, but it has absolutely nothing to do with his race. It has everything to do with his policies which are Marxist, and un-American.

I disliked Bill Clinton because of his policies, too, and he was white. Why am I not called a racist because I don't like Clinton's Marxist policies? they are the same thing.

Mark March 30, 2009 at 9:40 AM  

Oh, one more thing, regarding your statement, "One of the worst things I must endure while being unemployed is the constant stories from well-wishers of how tough it is out there and how many people each knows who is out of work."

Art, I experienced much the same type of thing when I first found out I have type II Diabetes. All of a sudden everyone I spoke to stated they have a friend, or a relative, or know someone who also has diabetes.

Well, thanks for the newsflash! Diabetes is a common disease, after all. It doesn't help me to know others suffer from it, too. And I'm sure you'll agree that it doesn't help you to know others suffer from unemployment either.

But, for your edification, here's a little something I always say to myself when I start feeling sorry for myself because of difficult situations:

"I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."

There's always someone worse off than us.

Now, isn't that much more comforting than, "You aren't alone, Bub"?

Al-Ozarka March 30, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

"I have always believed that he argues simply for the sake of argument, and not because he really believes in what he says. " - Mark

I have long ago decided that Dan DOES know what he says is Bull-Shiite but is determined to preach it anyway.

He's on a mission to corrupt and deceive!

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