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Assuming Obama proves to be the same ideologue he's shown himself to be throughout his first term.

The man has lied about Libya. He's lied about "Fast and Furious". He lied about cutting the deficit in half-- doubling it in fact. He's increased the amount of food stamp recipients by some 15-plus million. He has failed on so many fronts, and he's managed to keep the top job in this country, and managing it with the complicit help of a wholly corrupt main-stream media.

His policies-- unless, now that he'll never run for office again, he moderates his positions on a number of things --will utterly bankrupt this nation. But America didn't care enough to apply the brakes, to see the fiscal cliff looming large on the horizon. He doesn't care about the middle class; EVERYONE's taxes are going up, despite his lie to the contrary. But, again, he doesn't care. And America should have known better.

To say I am deeply disappointed would be an understatement. Echoing somewhat the first lady from four years ago, for the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country.

I am ashamed that more people than not would wish this man another four years. Truly, America is lost. This isn't something we can recover from four years from now. By 2016 Obama will have kept the only promise he intended to keep when he ran for the White House in '08: He will have succeeded in fundamentally changing this once great nation.

Some conditions, like the economy, will get stronger-- I must have some hope --but the American psyche is changed forever, but that's not his fault... it's ours.

I believe Michael Savage said it best, "liberalism is a mental disorder." I mean, it really takes a messed up ideology to see nothing wrong with abortion, and ever-growing ranks of people on public assistance; there is no stigma now on accepting a handout-- Government, in fact, encourages us to accept them. There is now no incentive to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps; entrepreneurship in America is going to dry up fast. Who will want to work eighty-hours a week to build a business when men like our president and senator Elizabeth Warren say "you didn't build that"? Who will want to work eighty-hours a week to become successful when Obama and liberals will require you to pay more of your blood, sweat and tears, so the government can support freeloaders-- defined as: those who could do well for themselves, but see no need to do so since government will provide for them.

I am myself in the beginning stages of building a business; one I would like to see become hugely successful, and it galls me to think that there are those which will shrug off the sacrifices I'll have to make in order to be successful in this brave new world, believing it's my responsibility to support, with all my hard earned success, those who won't even try to support themselves, let alone strive for success, or anything for that matter.

There is something seriously wrong with Liberalism when its mendicants [and yes, I know what the word means] applaud Bill Clinton who, a couple of days ago, told a crowd of walking brain-dead, paraphrasing, 'You don't want a president that'll lie to your face!" --This from a president who lied to our faces on national television. They excused Clinton for lying, but they sought to hang Bush out to dry with the meme, 'Bush lied, people died.' Years later trotting out a genuine liar in chief (who lied about having 'sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski,') to tell their supporters to not vote for a man who will lie to their face. Liberalism routinely crucifies conservatives for doing the very things liberals engage in... routinely. And it's mendicants slavishly nod their heads and cheer, conveniently forgetting and excusing their own of the very same sins. Only this time around it was the Obama campaign dealing and spinning lies throughout from start to finish.

I have to agree with Miss Coulter who describes liberalism, and those who have sold their souls to it, as Demonic. There is something foul, and stomach turning, to liberalism... something fundamentally evil about it. Don McLean sang about the day the music died. It's up to someone now to sing about the day America died.

America's descent is now complete.

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